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Illinois: STEAL Rider Training Funds?

CT: Screw YOUR Right to Choose
Girl Seeks Lid Law After Friend Dies

Caltrans SHSP Plan - See Page 29

South Carolina Bikers PASS Red Light Law

Motorcyclist Apologizes to members of D.U.M.B.

Cut off by a car?
Slap a "Yellow Card" Magnet on 'em!

NTSB: Legislate Lid Laws EVERYWHERE

NJ: Plea for Rider Training

NHTSA Urges States to Pass Lid Laws

OCC Kingdom Crumbles....
Vinnie LEAVES Orange County Choppers
Cody's leavin', too!

Sturgis "Get Out of Jail" FAST for "voluntarily" CA$H donation to Meade County General Fund

Got Cash?
Repeal the Lid Law, Make BILLIONS!
Florida serves up FREEDOM, and it pays

Sturgis Chamber of Commerce in Turmoil

Splatt Explains Denver's Motorcycle Noise Ordinance. Biker Boycott of Denver is ON!

Article from Quick Throttle Magazine

How Things Work: Denver Raises Federal 80db level to 82db for new ordinance. WHY? Seems Denver P.D. bikes pull 81.7db. Are cop bikes ILLEGAL? Will the feds pursue Denver P.D.? Hey NHTSA! Hey EPA!

MCN Credits ABATE of CA

CA: The Electric Motorcycle is on the way.

FLASH: North Carolina PASSES Red Light Bill for Motorcycles!

Speculation; Honda to BUY Harley?

Future Motorcycle is a TRIKE?

CA: Stop Sign CAMERAS Installed on Road, Rogue Agency Defies Legislature

Dykes on Bikes™ WIN Trademark Lawsuit to Keep Their Name.

M$F Threatens Rider Training in Oregon and Idaho

VIDEO: Moonrider's Dangerous Designs
Part One  /  Part Two

CA: DMV probe of Custom Chrome kit bikes keeps bikers off road

Denver Motorcycle noise ordinance unfair, illogical, unenforceable

AMA Seeks Dialogue with City of Denver

VIDEO: Bikers Argue Loud Pipes in Denver

Why Motorcycle Awareness Month Will NEVER Happen in Congress

Nugent: "Live & Let Live" Foreign Idea to Left

NHTSA: Revise MC License Guidelines?

Ducati Considers Merge with Harley-Davidson

Sturgis Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame Inductees for 2007

VIDEO; "Shattered" by CMT/ABATE

NHTSA: Summary of Novelty Helmet Performance Testing

You Ride? Uh Huh. 74 Year Old Woman Rides 80,000 Miles. IN SIX MONTHS!

CA: quig Wins!


Splatt's Troubled Trooper Gallery - FUNNY!

Police Harassment on the Dragon in TN
Police Harassment in Orange County
Police Harassment in Riverside County







Hands Free Device for California
Went into Effect on July 1, 2008

Get Yours Today!

WRITE to the Governor - CLICK HERE
"Please support AB 2617, Duvall, a bill to replace the "Motorcycles OK" signs in the HOV lanes on California's highways."

CALL TO ACTION - ABATE of Pennyslvania
Re-instate lid law - Deny health care

Call or e-mail your federal legislators
& ask 'em to support HR 1076 and S 616, legislation filed on behalf of motorcyclists to fix the discriminatory loopholes in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

CALIFORNIA PETITION: Motorcycles Ride FREE on CA Toll Roads

Bikers Boycott Denver: Loud Pipes Ban
Bikers Boycott One Eyed Jacks
Boycott Sturgis County Line

Please take the Red Light Poll
Red Light Poll Needs YOUR Input

Splatt's Motorcycle Laws in ALL 50 States


American Motorcyclist Association
Motorcycle Riders Foundation
Alaska: ABATE of Alaska
Arizona: ABATE of Arizona
Arizona: MMA of Arizona
Arkansas: ABATE of Arkansas
California: ABATE of California
California: BOLT of California
Colorado: ABATE of Colorado
Colorado: Riders for Justice
Connecticut: CMRA
Delaware: ABATE of Delaware
Florida: ABATE of Florida
Georgia: ABATE of Georgia
Hawaii: Street Bikers United
Idaho: ABATE of Idaho
Idaho: ABATE of Northern Idaho
Illinois: ABATE of Illinois
Indiana: ABATE of Indiana
Iowa: ABATE of Iowa
Kansas: ABATE of Kansas
Kentucky: Kentucky Motorcycle Association
Louisiana: ABATE of Louisiana
Maine: United Bikers of Maine
Maryland: ABATE of Maryland
Massachusetts: MMA of MA
Michigan: ABATE of Michigan
Minnesota: ABATE of Minnesota
Mississippi: ABATE of Mississippi
Missouri: Freedom of Road Riders
Montana: ABATE of Montana
Nebraska: ABATE of Nebraska
Nevada: BOLT of Nevada
New Hampshire: NHMRO
New Jersey: ABATE of New Jersey
New JerseyMRANJ
New Mexico: ABATE of New Mexico
New Mexico: NMMRO
New York: ABATE of New York
New York: NY Freedom Riders
North Carolina: CBA/ABATE
North Dakota: ABATE of North Dakota
Ohio: ABATE of Ohio
Oklahoma: ABATE of Oklahoma
Oregon: BikePac of Oregon
Pennsylvania: ABATE of Pennsylvania
Rhode Island: RIMA
South Carolina: ABATE of South Carolina
South Dakota: ABATE of South Dakota
Tennessee: CMT/ABATE
Texas: TMRA2
Utah: ABATE of Utah
Vermont: United Motorcyclists of Vermont
Virginia: Virginia Freedom Riders
Washington: ABATE of Washington
West Virginia: ABATE of West Virginia
Wisconsin: ABATE of Wisconsin
Wyoming: ABATE of Wyoming

Traitor to Bikerdom - Gary Busey
A.A.A. American Automobile Association
Association of California Insurance Companies

A.C.E.P. American College of Emergency Physicians
A.H.A.S. Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety
A.M.A. American Medical Association
C.C.I.P. Coalition of California Insurance Professionals
C.H.A. California Healthcare Association
C.H.P. California Highway Patrol
California Psychiatric Association
I.I.H.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Kaiser Permanente Health Care Program

Lifesavers Conference
M.S.F. Motorcycle Safety Foundation
N.S.C. National Safety Council
N.T.S.B. National Transportation Safety Board
N.H.T.S.A. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (Communist Sympathizers)
(Socialist Sympathizers)
San Diego Regional Trauma Center

T.F. Trauma Foundation
Think First

U.S.D.O.T. United States Department of Transportation

"It's all about personal freedom.
It should be our right to choose"

12/25/1943 - 9/15/2007
Click Here to read the article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel
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Click Here to read Splatt's article on that DASH between the dates


Bandit's Bikernet
Bikers Accident Survivor Forum
BOLT of California

Brain Bucket Magazine

Bruce n Ray's Biker Forum
California Motorcycle Statistics

Fast Fred's E-Zine
Helmet Law Defense League

Iron Butt Association

Motorcycle Laws in All 50 States
US Freedom Fighters
Women Riders Now

Splatt's Biker Civics 101
Bruce Arnold
Tiger Lady

Warren Fuller

Accident Scene Management
Biker Boycotts
Coast to Coast Biker News by Bill Bish
How to Pick Up a Dropped Bike
I Ride My Own (for Women)
One Leg Tim

Pashnit Motorcycle Roads

Ride to Work Day
Quick Throttle Magazine
SoCal SV RIders
Splatt's Motorcycle Awareness Page

Splatt's Shantytown of Shame
US Rider News

Now and Zen: Doctor Re-Lives Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

How to Pack: Lords of Logistics
Barry Tudor's "The Freedom of Motorcycling"
Free Ride, A Monthly E Publication
H-D Fat Boy is NOT named for the A-Bomb

STUDY: Motorcyclist Killed by Lightning


Splatt's Top 11 VIDEOS
(this one goes to eleven)
Soccer Mom FLASHES Biker
on Big Dog Motorcycle
(This NEVER happens in real life)

Riding Nekkid!
What's it Take to Get Noticed?

Nozzle Rage - Don't Be a Victim

The Oblivious Biker

Deer Jumps OVER Biker!
See a deer get split in HALF by a sportbike here:

NY DMV Commissioner Nancy Naples
Idaho Version: CLICK HERE

Why Yuppies™ Shouldn't Ride

You Didn't See Me

Don't Tell Anyone About This

Tasteless Harley Commercial

Vet Re-Patriates American Flag
Flown BENEATH Mexican Flag

VIDEO: Spiders on Drugs Mimic Human Behaviors

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The CHP is charged with establishing helmet criteria, but refuses to provide us with a list of "street legal" headgear.
If there's no list, there can be no law! Tactics and methods for your own personal program to effectuate change. 

CLICK HERE to Visit Red Light
Help us make a NEW law which would allow motorcycles
to proceed thru a non-functioning traffic signal when safe to do so

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